About AASE

Here you can read more about our association, how we operate and how you can join us.

AASE – Overview

AASE aims to …

  • Advocate on behalf of people with special education needs to ensure provision of and access to quality education services.
  • Provide a range of quality services to members and the wider community.

Any person interested in these aims may be a member of AASE. Members include parents/caregivers, teachers, therapists, community members, administrators and university lecturers.

AASE’s goals are to ..

  • Provide a strong and informed national and state voice for the special education community.
  • Enhance access by students with special education needs to quality educational programs.
  • Promote professional standards of a high order.
  • Foster equitable and effective resourcing support for students with special education needs.
  • Support research that informs the delivery of special education in the Australian context.