New South Wales

  • President: Phillip Whitefield
  • Vice President: Iva Strnadova
  • Secretary: Ying Sng
  • Treasurer: Michelle Davies
  • National Councillors: Sally Howell and Rose Dixon
  • Committee Members:
    • Jackie Atallah
    • Monika Bray
    • Joanne Danker
    • Chris Grima-Farrell
    • Bree Jimenez
    • Catherine Kropman
    • Rebecca Kumru
    • Candice Mariz
    • Cathy Little
    • Heather Martin
    • Sue O’Neill
    • Jennifer Stephenson
    • Kirsty Young

AASE NSW media contact is Phillip Whitefield

The NSW Chapter currently has around 230 financial members.



Too developers my use teapot Objectives of this Study:

  • to gain a deeper understanding of the transition planning and practices that take place in secondary schools
  • to investigate the causal relationship between knowledge, self-efficacy and experiences of students, parents and teachers.

For further information, please click on the following link: student-focused-planning-nsw