Northern Territory

  • President: Faye Brooks-Jones
  • Vice President: Rebecca Angel
  • Secretary: Michelle Harwood
  • Treasurer: Virg Hughes
  • National Councillors: Virg Hughes and Karen Wilson

Committee Members:

  • Lyndsay Schinkel
  • Tina Challis
  • Larelle Gilbert
  • Marianne Carter
  • Saisha Khana
  • Thevi Chelliah
  • Jayne Perry
  • Elspeth Hurse
  • Meena Bains
  • Wendy Pelizzo
  • Chris Absalom
  • Bernie Davies
  • Rebecca Angel

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Upcoming Events

7 November – AGM and PL by Chris Varney. ‘Creating safe environments for Autistic learners to thrive’
click here for more information

Position Available

Nemarluk School are looking for their next superstar teacher to join the team of professionals. Click here to learn more about the job requirements. For further information or to discuss positions phone 8985 0400 and ask to speak with Virg or Lorraine.


The Northern Territory Chapter currently has around 73 financial members.

To contact AASE NT email