• President: Felicity Bellingham
  • Vice President: Helen Hatherly
  • Secretary & Executive Officer: Vanessa Kukielka
  • Treasurer: Clark Burt
  • National Councillors: Matt Harrison and Libby Anderson

AASE VIC media contact is Vanessa Kukielka

For further information about the AASE Victoria chapter please email

The Victorian Chapter of AASE holds a meeting, generally on a Thursday evening, each month during the school term. The Victorian Chapter currently has around 92 financial members.


Seeking a job in Special Education?

If you are seeking this career, or perhaps changing direction within this career path, then you might value some information and notifications on job vacancies in Victoria that have been recently advertised.


We’re a social bunch… connect with us 

If you’d like maintain confidentiality/privacy, we also have a ‘Closed Group’ on Facebook that our Victorian Chapter Secretary and National Councillor administer. We are aware of the sensitive nature of information posted on social media and always protect the interests and credibility of AASE and our Members. 
Twitter @AASE_Vic


Would your school like to host a TeachMeet?

If so, please email