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Des English Memorial Lecture 

2017 Des English Memorial Lecture. Nancy Devlin

AASE 2017 Conference, Des English Memorial Lecture, Deborah Hall

Friday, 7th April 2017

Effectiveness of Individualised Programs – Lisa Walker Yarrabah School

Additional Document – Lisa Walker – Effectiveness of Individualised – My Pathways Plan Seniors

Learning from the Social Experiences of Girls with Asperger’s Syndrome: Social Difference or Social Disabilty? – Leigh De Silva and Dr Helen Klieve Griffith University  

Efficacy of Intensive Reading Interventions for both Younger and Older Low-Progress Readers in Schools Serving Remote Aboriginal Communities – Sarah Arakelian and Meree Reynolds^

How the Phrase “Walk With Me” Changed a School Culture – Barbara Olsen, Julie Backhouse and Kerry Watson East Gippsland Specialist School # 

The Provision of EIBI for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder accross Western Australia to Facilitate Successful Independent Mainstream Inclusion – Terese Morse 

Walking with Kaydon – the Journey of a Learner at The Patch^

Anthea Naylor – Video Self Modelling Application in Inclusive and Special Education Classrooms

Challenging Behaviour and Children with Trauma: Walking with Care Beside the Traumatised Child – Dr Kay Ayre The University of Southern Queensland

Developing Employment Options for Young Adults with Moderate to High Support Needs with Support of the NDIS. A case study of the Hospitality Industry in Geelong, Victoria – Barwon Valley SDS #

Building Early Numeracy Skills to Gain Greater Access to Age-Equivalent Curriculum – Dr Bree Jimenez Mater Dei School and The University of Sydney, and Associate Professor David Evans The University of Sydney

Normal is just a Setting on a Dryer – Ross Bowey Department of Education and Training, NSW #

Walking the Talk: Social and Emotional Learning in Action – Associate Professor Helen Cahill The University of Melbourne^

Conductive Education and Collaborative Partnerships – Shona Ballantyne Carson Street School

Is your Lesson Planning Inclusive? The Universal Design for Learning Framework for an Australian Context – Dr Matt Capp Brisbane Catholic Education #

Positive Classroom Environments and Calming Spaces – Rose Newman Catholic Education Office Canberra-Goulburn

Calming Spaces in Archdiocese Schools Guidelines

Delivering Equine Facilitated Learning to Engage Students with a Disability who have Experienced Trauma – Todd Macbeth and Lauren Short East Gippsland Specialist School, Sue Svetlik Equine Facilitated Learning Bruthen #

Rich Tasks, Confident Young People and Curriculum Success – Deborah Hall and Lauren Hofmeyer Henbury School #
Indigenous Assessment in the Northern Territory: Best Practice – Sue Edwards and Santie Du Plessis Department of Education NT #

Improving Leadership Response to Staff Resistance – Dan Petro Behavioural Resources Australia

Leading the Response to Intervention (RTI) Model: The Essential Key Components of the RTI Model for the Successful Identification and Support of at Risk Learners – Michelle Van Puyvelde Evatt Primay School #

Tweak your Teaching: Upskilling Mainstream Educators through access to Evidence-based Strategies in order to Support Learning Difficulties in the P-12 Classroom – Cleo Westhorpe Melbourne Gilrs Grammar 

Understanding and Documenting Progress in Dance for Children with Special needs: Using new Technology to Enable Evidence-based assessment – Sue Mullane Sunshine Special Developmental School and Dr Kim Dunphy The University of Melbourne #

Saturday, 8th April 2017

Talk with Us: Teaching Informed by Speech Pathology and Speech Pathology Informed by Teaching – Elspeth Hurse and Amy Southwood Department of Education NT #

A Systems Approach to Helping Those Really Difficult Kids (…with Challenging Behaviours) – Dr Michael Flood  Catholic Education Office Diocese of Bathurst and Julie Hollitt Continuum Psychology

The 8th Sense – Catherine Davies, Dr Emma Gooddal and Di Rodd The Department for Education and Child Development SA

Additional Document 1 – The 8th Sense – Sensory Overview

INSPIRE: Online Software System Supporting School and System-wide collaboration in the Identification, Referral, Funding, Planning for and Reporting on Students with Additional Support Needs – Adriaan Du Plessis and John Morton Catholic Education Northern Territory Diocese of Darwin #

Developing and Validating a Model of Practice for Prep/Kindergarten Teachers Educating Students on the Autism Spectrum in Inclusive Classrooms – Annalise Taylor Griffith Universityand the Cooperative Centre for Living with Autism^

The Jigsaw Program – Therese Bourke and Mareta D’Angelo Warringa Park School #

Malibu School AAC – A Voice for All – Noelene Mason Department of Education WA #

Dance Communication Collaboration – “Genie in a Bottle” Georgie Labb and Cathy Rendall Port Phillip Specialist School 

“I felt as though I did something with myself today. I rarely get that feeling” The Social, Academic and Vocational Outcomes of Mentoring Programs and Inclusive Activities – Jarrod McGrath The Woden School #

I’m Worried: Anxiety among Children and Adolescents with Chronic Illness – Steph Ball Ronald McDonald House Perth

Video Learning Profiles: Promoting Student Agency and Supporting Educational Transitions – Christopher Rayner The University of Tasmania and Robert Carter Department of Education TAS^

Reducing Restrictive Practices Project – Warren Dawson Queensland Department of Education and Training^

Using Visual Arts as a Tool to Encourage Children with Autism to Communicate Feelings and Emotions – Christopher Rayner and Alicia Round University of Tasmania^

Addressing Low Working Memory: A Journey to Learning Independence – Jade Mete Ballarat Grammar School

Let’s Get MOVEing! Mobility Opportunities via Education – Bec Stark Lucas Gardens School and MOVE International #

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