Lee Mills Award 2022 – Open for Submissions

Jul 7, 2022 | National

Lee Mills was an exemplary educator from NSW with a particular interest in teacher
education for those involved in Special Education. She was untiring and dedicated in her
support of students with special educational needs. Lee was involved in advocacy and
lobbying through AASE, which resulted in significant improvements in service delivery for
all students. She was a foundation member of AASE, a State President and an inspiring active
Branch, Chapter and National Committee member until her death in 1990. Lee was also
instrumental in the establishment and administration of the Australian Disability
Achievement Foundation.
The Lee Mills Teacher Training Award is given yearly with the express purpose of
encouraging research-based practice by individuals undertaking study to pursue a career
directly related to the education of students with special education needs. It is open to
students in ALL states of Australia.

Who can enter?

You are eligible if you:
• Are currently enrolled in an Australian University (in any state) or have had your
degree conferred in the last twelve months from an Australian University.
• Are undertaking or have completed a post graduate degree (graduate diploma,
masters, doctorate) in special education, education or other discipline, or are
undertaking an undergraduate program which includes research in the area of special
• Are the sole or principal author of the submitted paper. Your major advisor or other
persons may be co-authors.
• Your paper may have been published or submitted for review.

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