The Australian Capital Territory Chapter of AASE

AASE has been in the ACT for many years supporting people with disabilities and their families. Our members come from many walks of life and come together to share our knowledge and expertise around disability and students with additional needs.

Our hope for the future is to increase our membership, especially with new educators, so that we can include fresh views and ideas that can move us forward in the coming years.

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We endeavour to provide quality professional learning around many topics to support our schools.

The AASE ACT engage presenters from the ACT and interstate to deliver thought provoking and real take home strategies to our participants.

The Australian Capital Territory AASE Executive


Patrick Kelly


Carmel Blake


Peter Taylor

National Councillor

David Paterson

National Councillor

Patrick Kelly

Committee Member

Christine Wanjura

Committee Member

Michelle Vanpuyvelde

Committee Member

Peter Taylor

Committee Member

Michaela Vergano

Australian Capital Territory AASE Meetings

The ACT Chapter meet approximately  6 times per year and hold 4 professional learning events throughout the year.

Meetings and events can be at various places but are typically held in the ACARA office in Waramanga.

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The Latest Australian Capital Territory AASE News

Chris Varney

Emotional Wellbeing of Autistic students

September 18th Emotional Wellbeing of Autistic students Presenter - Chris Varney, Founder of the - I CAN Network and Patron of AASE National