National Council and State Executives

The AASE National Council is the Association’s governing body. It consists of representatives from each Chapter.

The Council elects the Executive members.

The National Council meets formally twice a year.

Map of Australia

National Council Executive


Patrick Kelly

Vice President

Tracey Chamlin

Megan Cavanagh

Vice President

Megan Cavanagh

Michele Sheahan


Michele Sheahan


Virg Hughes

Immediate Past President

Peter Walker

Carmel Blake

Public & Executive Officer

Carmel Blake

National Council Members


David Paterson

David Paterson, ACT

Patrick Kelly, ACT

Sally Howell, NSW

Ying Sng

Ying Sng, NSW

Virg Hughes, NT

Karen Glasby

Karen Glasby, QLD

Tracey Chamlin, QLD

Michelle Harwood, NT

Peter Walker, SA

Megan Cavanagh

Megan Cavanagh, TAS

Denise Foggo Headshot

Denise Foggo, TAS

Generic Person Placeholder

Anna Noble, SA

Vanessa Kukielka

Dianne Chambers, WA

Susan Main, WA

Helen Hartherly

Helen Hatherly, VIC

Helen Hartherly

Elizabeth Anderson, VIC