The Queensland Chapter of AASE

AASE Queensland has been built on the rich history provided by founding members.

Dr Jeff Bailey (then Associate Dean at the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education) was the inaugural editor of the Association’s journal for the first 10 years (1976-86) and John Burge, Education Queensland’s inspector of special schools, played a major role in establishing the Association through his strong leadership as national president of AASE (1979-81).

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Over time, our membership base has expanded from principals, teachers, and parents at special schools for students with disabilities to a broad range of professionals, paraprofessionals and parent groups involved in meeting the diverse learning needs of students across specialist and mainstream educational settings.

Professional development has always been a major focus of our activities, with state and national AASE conferences, seminars and workshops being held in our state since the late 1970s. As the mandate for inclusive education strengthens in Queensland, AASE will continue to advocate for the best possible education for students with special learning needs.

We hope that you will join us to further these aims.

The Queensland AASE Executive


Tracey Chamlin

Karen Glasby


Karen Glasby

Vice President

Wendi Beamish

National Councillor

Karen Glasby

Committee Member

Annalise Taylor

National Councillor

Tracey Chamlin

Queensland AASE Meetings

The Queensland Chapter currently has around 72 financial members.

The AASE Queensland Meetings are held online via ZOOM. Please contact us to request the meeting link.

Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, 24 March at 7 pm
Tuesday, 9 June at 7 pm
Tuesday, 1 September at 7 pm
Tuesday, 24 November at 7 pm

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