Conference Papers

Toshiko Kamei – Thinking Skills Instructional Strategies: Teaching Students with Disability to be Better Thinkers

Ushagayethri Venkatesh – Integrating iPad as a Curriculum-Based Pedagogical Tool to Facilitate Communication in Nonverbal Students with Autism

Michelle Wong – Teacher-Delivery of the Westmead Feelings Program: Emotion-based Learning for Children with Autism in Primary Schools


Conference Powerpoints

Monday, 9th July 2018

K.Clark Burt – Using Robots and DigiTech to Forster Social Emotional Learning

Lauren Campbell and Dale Heales – Teaching Social Vocabulary to Develop Social Smarts in Autism Education

Jodie Caruana – A Self-report Tool to Measure the Well-being of Adolescents with Intellectual or Developmental Disability

Tracey Chamlin and Toni Jarratt  Building Capability in the School Leadership Team to Support Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the Classroom

Dr Therese Cumming – School Connectedness for Students with Disabilities: From Theory to Evidence-Based Practice

Sally Daley – Stress and the Young Person with ASD

Jillian Denys and Swati Phatak – Strengthening Parnerships for Success

Jacquiline den Houting – Too Anxious to Achieve?

Susan Galletly – Principles Towards Optimal Reading and Literacy Instruction for At-risk Readers in Prep to Year 3

Dr Judith Hudson – Community Engagement with Dyslexia in Tasmania: A Case Study

Karen Hunt, Stefanie Young and Gill Greenwood – Communication and Literacy: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Pia Kanoyangwa and Patricia Winney – The Matopos Project

Dr Sue O’Neill – Selecting Age-Appropriate Transition Planning Assessments for Promoting Academic, Adaptive and Vocational Capabilities 

Linda Shannon – Queensland Department of Education Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy – Students, Staff, Parents, Community

Annalise Taylor – The Early Years Model of Practice: Supporting Social Emotion Learning by “Being”

Elaina Wagaba, Felipe Espinoze and Christine Thompson – Positive Learning Team

Alana Williams – Transition to Adult Life – Self Auditing Tool for Schools

Tuesday, 10th July 2018

Dr Kay Ayre and Dr Govind Krisnamoorthy- Survival of the Nurtured: Teaching Students with Reactive Attachment Disorder

Dr Terry Cumming – Incorporating Mobile Technology into Vocational Social Skills Training for Students with Disabilities 

Prof Stephen N. Elliott and Dr Mike Davies – Using the SSIS SEL Intervention Program to Teach and Evaluate Students’ Self-Management and Relationship Skills

Dr Susan Galletly – Effective Literacy Instruction for All Students: A Time for Change 

Dr Emma Goodall – Forging Positive Connections Between Teachers and Students on the Autism Spectrum – Using Insider Information

Dr Glenda Jessup – Facilitating Social Inclusion & Self Determination in Students with Vision Impairment: Promoting Competence, Autonomy & Relatedness

Dr Bree Jimenez – Building Teacher Capacity of Research-based Practice for Students with ID & ASD: Individualised Teacher-directed Professional Development

Kia Morton and Stephen Bell – Transforming Curriculum to Meet the Needs of All Learning by Empowering School and Teacher Leaders

Dr Sarah Mulholland – ADHD and the Classroom: Positive Attitudes, Positive Strategies, Positive Results

Dr Chris Rayner – Inclusion in the Initial Teacher Education: Eight Years On

Kerry Watson and Owen Clarke – Accessing the Victorian Curriculum: Simulated Learning for Inclusion