The New South Wales Chapter of AASE

The NSW Chapter of AASE (AASE NSW) comprises a group of talented and dedicated individuals from a wide range of special education contexts.

Through its advocacy work, AASE NSW provides a strong and informed voice for children and young people with special education needs. AASE NSW is recognised as an advocate for high quality special education research and teaching, with broad interests covering pedagogy, curriculum and implementation systems.

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AASE NSW maintains a strong representation within the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and the NSW Department of Education.

AASE NSW promotes strong and clear messages about the importance of equipping teachers with essential special education skills and knowledge. AASE NSW membership remains strong with new members always welcome

The New South Wales AASE Executive


Sally Howell

Vice President

Iva Strnadova

Vice President

Phillip Whitefield


Ying Sng


Michelle Davies

National Councillor

Rose Dixon

National Councillor

Sally Howell

Committee Member

Joanne Danker

Committee Member

Rahul Ganguly

Committee Member

Chris Grima-Farrell

Committee Member

Cathy Little

Committee Member

Candice Mariz

Committee Member

Heather Martin

Committee Member

Jennifer Stephenson

New South Wales AASE Meetings

The AASE NSW Committee meets the first Tuesday of every month via Zoom.

In addition, face to face meetings including the AGM, are generally planned twice a year. Chapter news is distributed regularly via email through Constant Contact.

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New South Wales Media Contact

The Latest New South Wales AASE News

Have your say about the future of disability research in Australia

Researchers from the University of Sydney are leading a national consortium of academic and NGO partners to develop a disability research agenda for Australia for the next 10 years. As part of this agenda-setting we invite you to participate in a survey which aims to...
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AASE NSW Resources

AASE NSW Website Briefs for Teachers NSW Position Statement 2021 Teacher Qualifications
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AASE NSW – Sydney University Consortium Disability Research Agenda

AASE NSW is part of a Sydney University consortium charged with developing the next national disability research agenda. Information about this can be found at the link below. As this project develops AASE NSW will keep members informed and invite participation as...
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AASE NSW Statement of Intent

Learn more about how the AASE NSW chapter plan to achieve the aims of the Australian Special Education Association. Click here to read the NSW Chapter Statement of Intent

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