Conference Powerpoints

Monday 23rd September
Anita Gardner – High School Teachers’ Experience and Perspectives on Social Emotional Learning in Autistic Adolescents with An Intellectual Disability

Caitlin Lean and Melanie Leslie – Interoception Program – Whole School Approach to Wellbeing

Cathy Drummond and Rex Lin – Making Playground Duty Delightful_ Increasing Engagement and Learning for Students with Autism by Applying the Autism Queensland School Pedagogy to The Playground Learning Environment

Christopher Varney – Putting Autistic Interests in Your Instructions (With ‘Quiet Magic’)

Dr Steven Newton – Disengaged or Disempowered_ Empowering Students to Transform and Engage in Education

Drew Serisier and Trudy Sayers – What Zone Are You In_

Hayley Adcock – DALE

Jeanette Berman & Prof Lorraine Graham – Responsive Teaching and Educational Casework for Inclusive Education

Karen Hunt and Stefanie Young – Using Whole School Moderation to Enhance Understanding of the Victorian Curriculum Thereby Improving Student Learning Outcomes

Kathleen Davey -Secret Agent Society Whole-of-Class Utility Trials

Matthew White – Harnessing the Power of Good Pedagogy and Motivation to Finally See Adolescents with Learning Difficulties Flourish

Nathan Wallis – The Developing Brain

Roselyn Dixon – Transitioning Primary School Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tennille Bertram – Evaluation of transition programming at NextPath

Tracey Walker – Inclusion 10 considerations for schools

Vivienne Gilkes- Liberating Education_ Visible Differentiation in a Special Education Classroom

Yvonne Harman – _Reach to Teach – A School-Based Program Using Human Resources to Facilitate Development of Teacher-Student Relationships and Supportive Classroom Communities_

Tuesday 24th September

Dr Robyn Bentley-Williams and Therese Barrington – Inclusive Practice in Teacher Education – Differentiation to Support Diverse Learning Needs

Dr Sarah Hopkins and Richard ODonovan – M-Cubed – Money, Meaning and Mathematics

Fiona Gillham – Learning Hub_ High Quality Educational Pedagogy for Inclusive Learning in a Mainstream Education Setting

Gemma Bosnjak and Grania McCudden – Reengaging Anxious Disaffected Students

Jennifer Young and Monique Starejko – Making the Shift – A School Wide Approach to Positive Behaviour Intervention Support

Karen Hunt and Stefanie Young – Utilising the Inquiry Cycle to Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Writing

Leanne Woodley – Building Sustainable Inclusive Practices with The School Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) Framework

Mark Watson and Lachie Frewer – Using Collaborative Strategies to Develop Social Competence in Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Complex Behaviours

Sally Daley – Supporting the Secondary Aged Student Through Assessment Time

Sarah Spence and Anthea Naylor – Creating Positive Learning Environments to Maximise Genuine Inclusion Through School-Wide Video Modelling

Tracey Hanigan – Communication Access for all Students

Dr Jeffrey Thomas – Disability and Disengagement – What Flexible Learning Programs Reveal About Our Education System

Dr Kirsty Young – A Transdisciplinary Approach to Education_ Specialised Therapists Embedded in Schools

Dr Natalie Swayn and Sharon Paley – Framework for Reducing and Eliminating Restrictive Practices in Education

Dr Peter Walker – South Australia’s Special School Co-Location Reforms

Conference Program