The Victorian Chapter of AASE

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Association of Special Education (AASE) strongly advocates for quality education for all Australians by bringing together educators, allied health professionals and researchers invested in supporting children and young adults living with disabilities and neurological differences.

We will support them as they navigate through their learning pathways, building resilience and developing a sense of self in the wider world.

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To achieve this mission, our volunteer Committee of Management facilitates a number of events for our members and friends.  We are best known for our TeachMeets running regularly throughout the school year. These are opportunities for our members to showcase exemplary and innovative practices in the provision of education for students with a range of academic and social support needs, helping educators to connect and share practical advice with other educators.

We are always looking at other means of meeting our aims such as running induction programs for new and returning teachers, and setting up meetings in suburban and regional Victoria using acknowledged experts in the field as speakers.

The AASE Victoria Executive

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Vice President and National Councillor

Helen Hatherly


Felicity Bellingham


Felicity Bellingham

Clark Burt


Clark Burt

AASE Victoria Meetings

The Victorian Chapter of AASE holds a meeting, generally on the 1st Monday of the month at 5pm.

Location: Zoom or  Ashwood School, Montpellier Rd, Ashwood, 3147

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