The Victorian Chapter of AASE

The Victorian Chapter of the AASE (Australian Association of Special Education), among its other aims, strongly advocates for quality education for all Australians.

One example of this is our sponsorship and participation in conducting TeachMeets regularly during the school year to highlight exemplary practices in the provision of education for students with disabilities and impairments.

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We are always looking at other means of meeting our aims such as running induction programs for new and returning teachers, and setting up meetings in suburban and regional Victoria using acknowledged experts in the field as speakers.

The AASE Victoria Executive


Felicity Bellingham

Vice President

Helen Hatherly


Executive Officer

Vanessa Kukielka

Christine Zabitis


Christine Zabitis

Tony Thomas


Tony Thomas

Vanessa Kukielka

National Councillor

Vanessa Kukielka

National Councillor

Libby Anderson

AASE Victoria Meetings

The Victorian Chapter of AASE holds a meeting, generally on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5pm.

Location: Ashwood School, Montpellier Rd, Ashwood, 3147

The Victorian Chapter currently has around 92 financial members.

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AASE Victoria Media Contact

Felicity Bellingham

Felicity Bellingham

The Latest AASE Victoria News

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